Commercial Real Estate: California Multi-Housing Comeback Eyed For 2013

Commercial Real Estate
In Southern California:


Could Muti-Unit Housing Be
A Recovery Driver In 2013?

In spite of how things feel at the present time, there are multiple signs of a comeback in the Southern California real estate market. Some of the strongest indications are in the area of multiple unit housing … such as apartment buildings and complexes.

Commercial Real Estate | Multi-Unit Development

With many folks now looking to rent instead of buy when it comes to their homes, developers are beginning new multi-unit dwelling projects. This could be the real fuel behind a construction surge in California over the next year.

REAL ESTATE: California housing comeback eyed for 2013

By Jack Katzanek – "…  the end might be in sight for California. An economic forecast released earlier this week suggests that 2013 will be the year the new housing market wakes up, although it will look quite a bit different from the boom that went bust a few years ago." …Press-Enterprise

In times like this any bit of good news is welcome. This could be good news for California in jobs, the general real estate market … and the commercial real estate market in Southern California as well.

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