Dispute Resolution: Appellate Judge Speaks On The Benefits Of ADR

Dispute Resolution:

An Appellate Judge Speaks Out
On The Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation is not cheap, and the results are never a "sure thing". Alternative methods of Dispute Resolution, such as Mediation and Arbitration, are a better way to go for many folks involved in a real estate dispute.

Dispute Resolution | Real Estate Mediation

In this article from the "Metropolitan Corporate Counsel", retired appellate judge Edwin Stern talks about the differences between Mediation and Arbitration.

Appellate Judge Speaks On The Benefits Of ADR

By Edwin Stern – "Mediation is a process by which a third party (sometimes called a “neutral” or “mediator”) helps parties settle their own dispute. Mediation is designed to aid the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement."

If you find yourself representing clients involved in a real estate dispute, or even being a principle in need of dispute resolution, you can contact us with your situation. In many cases, Costa Land and Real Estate can provide a qualified, neutral mediator at reasonable cost, and help you reach a satisfactory Dispute Resolution.

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