Commercial Real Estate:
In For A Whole New World Of Hurt?

After a couple of nice predictions over the last few days in the world of commercial real estate, there is always a downside.

Most reliable authorities recognize that the commercial real estate market is in a "following" position now, in relation to the home market. Steve Brown of The Dallas Morning News feels we're still in for a world of hurt to come.

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Commercial Real Estate Not Out of the Woods Yet

"Source: Steve Brown The Dallas Morning News (MCT) — Although the commercial real estate sector has so far escaped the severe downturn that’s hit U.S. housing, industry leaders are fretting that there’s still a lot of hurt ahead in cities across the country. …"

Not a very pretty picture, is it? Are we looking at a current "false recovery"? Is there much more darkness before the dawn?

The world of commercial real estate is never simple to predict, as a market. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in "bubbles" and "false recoveries". A good, old fashioned applying of the "emotional brakes" once in a while can sometimes help us see more clearly.

Mr. Brown certainly put the brakes on in this article.

commercial real estate.

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