New York Commercial Real Estate Values


To Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate: A Comprehensive Guide
Deciding to buy or lease commercial real estate is a crucial decision for business owners. Learn the pros, cons, and key factors to make an informed decision.
Emerging Opportunities in CRE Investments in 2024
Discover the latest emerging opportunities in CRE investments for 2024. Stay ahead with insights on flex spaces, healthcare real estate, data centers, and more.
Best AI Tools for CRE: Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate
Discover the best AI tools for CRE to transform your commercial real estate investments and operations. Stay ahead with top AI insights!
AI is Transforming CRE: How New Technologies Are Shaping Investments and Operations
Explore how AI is transforming CRE, from investments to operations. Discover the benefits and challenges of AI in real estate today.
Here Are The Key Factors Driving Commercial Real Estate Values
Explore the critical factors influencing commercial real estate values and how understanding these can benefit your investment decisions— insights from a CCIM.
Best CRE Investment Strategies: A Novice’s Guide To Success
Explore CRE investment strategies for novice investors with our newbies guide. Learn to identify, diversify, & optimize your commercial real estate investments.
Industrial Rents In CRE: Recent Losses And Future Hopes
Explore the latest trends in industrial rents in CRE and understand their impact on your investment decisions. Read our comprehensive analysis today.
Los Angeles Retail Market 2024: A Year of Adaptation and Growth
Explore Los Angeles retail market performance in 2023, from leasing activities to market trends. See what's in store for 2024!
Opportunities In 2024 For Multifamily Real Estate Investments
Explore opportunities and challenges in multifamily real estate investments in Southern California. Discover market trends and strategic insights for 2024.
Repurposing Vacant Office Space – Making The Old New Again
Discover the potential of repurposing vacant office space into dynamic, community-enhancing projects. Explore innovative strategies and expert insights.
Industrial Commercial Real Estate In 2024 Los Angeles
See the latest Industrial Commercial Real Estate Trends in Los Angeles. Understand market indicators, predictions, & insights for informed investment decisions.
Upcoming Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in 2024
Explore the future of Southern California's commercial real estate opportunities. Discover key 2024 trends and investment strategies for success.
Open Ceiling Office Designs – The Naked Truth
Explore the transformative power of open ceiling office designs with Brion Costa, CCIM. Discover how to elevate your workspace aesthetics and functionality.
Maximizing Commercial Real Estate Investments: Insights from a CCIM Expert
Explore the dynamics of commercial real estate investments in today's economy with Brion Costa, a CCIM expert. Discover how to navigate investment opportunities.
Inflation and the Commercial Investor – Riding Out The Storm
Explore inflation and the commercial investor with expert insights and strategies. Ensure your investments thrive even in challenging economic times.
Exciting Commercial Real Estate Investments 2024
Explore expert insights on profitable commercial real estate investments with Brion Costa, CCIM. Discover how to identify and evaluate the best opportunities.
Proven Strategies for Housing Investments in 2024
Explore the potential of housing investments in 2024. Discover strategies for luxury homes, single-family units, and multifamily properties.
The Exciting Future of Car Wash Investments in 2024
Dive into the lucrative world of car wash investments. Discover why 2024 holds promising growth and how you can achieve sparkling returns in this evolving market.
Self Storage Investments: Should They Be In Your Portfolio?
Start building wealth today by investing in self storage units. Secure passive income and take advantage of the growing demand for storage space.
Multifamily or Retirement Account: Which is the Smarter Choice?
Discover which investment you should emphasize for your retirement - Multifamily or Retirement Account.
BTR and SFR Properties – What You Should Know
Explore the benefits and investment opportunities of BTR and SFR properties, key players in the commercial real estate market offering passive income potential.
Benefits and Drawbacks of a Full-Service Gross Lease
Discover the benefits of a full-service gross lease, a hassle-free option for tenants. Get all-inclusive amenities and simplicity in one package.
Powerful Strategies to Boost ROI in Commercial Real Estate
Discover powerful strategies to boost ROI in your commercial real estate investments. Get actionable insights to maximize your returns today.
A Guide to the Different Types of Property Ownership
Discover the pros & cons of the different types of property ownership - make an informed choice before investing in real estate.
Crucial Considerations When Buying a Multifamily Property
Discover essential tips and key considerations when buying a multifamily property as an investment. Get actionable insights before investing.
Increase Your Wealth Through Mobile Home Park Investments
Discover the benefits of mobile home park investments and learn how to get started. Increase your wealth with this profitable investment opportunity.
Benefits Of Triple Net Leases: Exposing The Trend
In commercial real estate, Triple Net Leases stand out for their unique structure, benefits, and inherent dangers. Here's everything you need to know.
An Expert’s Guide to the 7 Commercial Real Estate Types – Part 2
The second of a two-part blog post in which we’ll discuss the 7 different types of commercial real estate (CRE).
An Expert’s Guide to the 7 Commercial Real Estate Types – Part 1
The first of a two-part blog post in which we’ll discuss the 8 different types of commercial real estate (CRE). Is Back!
Yes, after a long absence filled with re-design and planning, is coming back with new information on a regular basis.
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