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A “Bubble” Seen In Chinese Commercial Real Estate?

A “Bubble” Seen In Chinese Commercial Real Estate?


A "Bubble" Seen In
Chinese Commercial Real Estate?

The Hong Kong Standard is reporting that Xinhua News Agency on the mainland in China is reporting there are fears of a commercial real estate bubble in China proper. with the fastest growth in commercial real estate in the world, apprehension is building that a correction might not be far off.

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Read about it in this report by Grace Cao of the Hong Kong Standard.

Fears rise of bubble in mainland commercial property

By GRACE CAO - "'Beijing's office rents soared by 48 percent year-on-year in the first quarter,' DTZ said in a report, adding that it was the fastest pace of growth in the world".

We might be worlds apart from mainland China here in Southern California, but markets operate in essentially the same manner all over the world. If China is experiencing a true commercial real estate "bubble" ... then we here in Southern California can provide good testimony as to what will probably come next.

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