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Brion Costa:
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San Gabriel Valley Homes | Brion Costa

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Brion Costa is a "specialist" in San Gabriel Valley Homes. In 1986, Brion began an extensive career in real estate development and sales that began in the areas of Residential Sales, Residential Land Acquisition, and New Home Sales. If you take a look at the "About Me" page on this website, you'll find a detailed story of how that all came to pass. For our purposes here, we'll simply state that before long, Brion had achieved great recognition in the field of residential real estate sales and development, and now specializes in San Gabriel Valley Homes.San Gabriel Valley Homes | Brion Costa | Century21 Adams & Barnes As a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB), and with well over 3,000 sales under his belt, he has the track record to successfully list and sell your property, as well as locate the perfect home for buyers of residential property. He has the experience and know-how to represent both buyers and sellers in today's complicated and difficult residential real estate market. While experienced in all areas of Southern California residential real estate, Brion specializes in San Gabriel Valley homes. This is the area in which he grew up and where his home is, both physically and emotionally. When it comes to residential properties, San Gabriel Valley homes are Brion's specialty. Over the years, Brion has dealt with many Buyers and it's safe to say he's learned a few things about what Buyers want and what they need.

Brion's "Special Offer" ... Unlimited, Personalized Access To All Information On San Gabriel Valley Homes!

San Gabriel Valley Homes | Brion Costa | Century21 Adams & Barnes In today's market, Brion knows that what you as a Buyer need and want most is information. You want to know what's available, what it costs, and everything about the market you're investigating. With today's Internet-based society, he also knows you want that information available at your convenience, day or night ... and without a real estate agent breathing down your neck! So ... That's what Brion has set up for you and what his "Special Offer" entails. Brion has set up a system that allows you to search all available San Gabriel Valley Homes whenever you like and as often as you like. His system provides you with full access to the San Gabriel Valley Multiple Listing Service. You can search available homes, create email alerts, research market data for your communities of interest ... in short, the system gives you complete access, any time you like, to all aspects of the current San Gabriel Valley real estate market ... and you can use it as you please!

A FREE "Search System" For San Gabriel Valley Homes
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To get started with Brion's great system, simply use the search box to the left or the one in the sidebar at the right! That little form you see connects to Brion's "San Gabriel Valley Homes Store", and it allows you to search the entire San Gabriel Valley multiple listing service where all listings are made available. It gives you access to all of the same information the real estate agents in the area use! Or, if you like, you can visit our "sister site" at: On that site, Brion maintains his complete "store" of all listings of available San Gabriel Valley Homes. Just to reiterate: Brion's created this system to help you search for your dream home in the San Gabriel Valley ... at your own pace, at your own convenience ... and comfortably on your own, without having to deal with a Realtor looking over your shoulder all the time. Please! Use it as you like! With the current climate of the residential real estate market place that involves standard, short sale, and bank foreclosure properties, Brion can help clients safely navigate the potential opportunities and pitfalls that are present and successfully guide you into ... or out of ... the San Gabriel Valley home of your dreams. Go ahead and make use of the information hub that Brion's provided here. When it is time for you to get serious about looking at San Gabriel Valley homes ... purchasing that perfect home or residential investment, or selling your current home or investment property ... call Brion Costa. Let him demonstrate his proven ability to provide superior, professional, service. ====================================================
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Brion Costa

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Brion Costa, CCIM Senior Broker Associate Commercial Director Designated CCIM, CRB, CRS, GC, GRI, SRES First Class Real Estate & Development Services
... Since 1986
Century 21 Adams & Barnes 433 West Foothill Boulevard Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 695-7383 ===================================================== San Gabriel Valley Homes.

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