Home Values:
Prices Show Biggest Jump In February
In 7 Years

Home Values - Costa Real Estate Digest

Home Values Continue To Rise
Posting Large Jump In February

In this report from Inman News, CoreLogic has found that home values rose dramatically in February. The rise is being driven mostly by activity in Western states, with California home sales leading the pack. When the home values melt down occured several years ago, values fell over 30% nationwide. At this point they are up to a level about 26.3% below the highs in the boom.

Read this report from Inman News about the CoreLogic findings:

Home prices post highest increase in nearly 7 years

"Home prices rose more on an annual basis in February than they have in nearly seven years, largely due to outsized price appreciation in Western states, according to a report released today by real estate analytics firm CoreLogic." …


California Home Values Really Jumped

Here in California, according to the CoreLogi findings, home values jumped over 15%. That's a huge jump, and should be taken with a grain of salt. As the market rebounds we are dealing with a lack of inventory, which can push prices up. There will also be large jumps followed by smaller ones and even pull-backs. The market is re-bounding, and home values are rising, but this isn't a "boom" folks. We're a long way from full "recovery".

Home Values 

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