California Home Sales:
Equity Sales At Highest Level Since 2008

California Home Sales | Costa Real Estate Digest

California home sales numbers are increasing and prices are rising over this same period last year.

California Home Sales Numbers Continue To Rise

The statistics regarding California home sales continue to improve, says the California Association of Realtors. Among the improving numbers are those regarding "distressed property" sales. They continue to fall. Equity sales in February reached 67.1% of the market, the highest in 5 years.

Here's an article from LoanSafe with all the numbers:

California Equity Sales Increase to Highest Levels in 5 Years

"( –  Equity sales (non-distressed sales) now account for more than two-thirds of all home sales in the state, the highest number of equity sales since April 2008.  This time last year, equity sales accounted for merely 46.7% of all sales …"

California Home Sales Future Looking Bright

At this point, there's not much holding back further improvement of the California home sales numbers. Low inventory is a problem in some areas, as are lending requirements which some believe are currently too restrictive. But these factors don't seem to be hindering conntinued improvement.

California Home Sales.

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