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San Gabriel Valley Veterans Day: What’s Open and What’s Closed

Veterans Day In The San Gabriel Valley - A Quick List Of What's Open And What's Closed On Veterans Day.

San Gabriel Valley Veteran's Day:
What's Open & What's Closed

San Gabriel Valley Veterans Day | Brion Costa

A List Of Operating And Non-Operating Services

Today is Veteran's Day. There are many events and activities ongoing ... and also the usual confusion about just what services ... like libraries, banks, government offices ... are operating and which are not.

Linda Gold at The Pasadena Star News has put together a helpful list:

What’s Open, Closed On Veterans Day In The San Gabriel Valley | Pasadena Star-News

Pasadena Star-News      11/06/14, 4:21 PM PST
"When in doubt, call your destination prior to Tuesday, Nov. 11. Banks will be closed. California and U.S. government offices and courts will be closed. City offices and libraries will be closed." ...
Read More Here:

Check First

It's probably safe to expect most government offices ... city, county, state, and federal ... to be closed. Most schools will be as well. A good rule to adopt is to simply check first by calling before you make a trip somewhere.

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