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San Gabriel Valley Recreation: Cool Things To Do In The SGV

San Gabriel Valley Recreation: Cool Things To Do In The SGV
Things To Do In The San Gabriel Valley - What are your favorite recreational spots in the San Gabriel Valley? Share them in the comments below!

San Gabriel Valley Recreation:
Cool Things To Do In The SGV

San Gabriel Valley Recreation | Brion Costa

Recreational Opportunities Run The Gamut In The San Gabriel Valley

Today I'm sharing an article from the website of K-EARTH 101, a local radio station and CBS affiliate. It's a good article highlighting several great "things to do" in our local area ... from restaurants to the nostalgic Vineland Drive-In Theater ... but that's really not why I'm sharing this.

Get the introduction! WOW!

"An often-overlooked part of Los Angeles located in eastern part of the county, The San Gabriel Valley is actually larger than its San Fernando counterpart at 284.13 square miles. Most people just don’t know that much about it."

Pardon my French ... but what the hell? The article was written by Clarissa Wei, and she speaks about the San Gabriel Valley as if it's Mars. Most folks who live in "other" parts of L.A. are well-aware that being a "Westsider" or "Valley-ite" can sometimes become almost a cult status, but this is ridiculous. Am I detecting a bit of a snob problem, Ms Wei?

I am just kidding around here, but on the serious side, how can you live anywhere in L.A. and be ignorant of the San Gabriel Valley? That opening sentence struck me as very strange. I have no idea which "most people" Ms. Wei spends her time with, but I will say they're apparently a bit insular and and a very ill-informed crowd.

All that said ... here's the article, and it's got some great suggestions of stuff to do in the SGV.

Top 7 Things To Do In The San Gabriel Valley | K-EARTH 101 - CBS

K-EARTH101      November 7, 2014 12:30 PM
"VINELAND DRIVE-IN - Located in the City of Industry, this classic drive-in movie theater is open seven days a week and shows the latest blockbusters under the night’s sky. A swap meet by day and a movie venue by night, the admission is notably cheaper than regular theaters and the benefit is you get to watch from the comfort of your own car."
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Never A Dull Moment

All kidding aside, from an evening spent with the family at a nostalig drive-in theater that shows today's first-run releases, to hiking the miles and miles of gorgeous wilderness trails you can easily access in the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, the San Gabriel Valley is jam packed with a wide variety of things to do for everyone in the family. Keep your eyes on this spot for our continuing recommendations.

Until then ... see you at the Drive-In!

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