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Real Estate Values: What Does A ”Median-Priced” Home Look Like?

Real Estate Values: What Does A ”Median-Priced” Home Look Like?

Real Estate Values:
What Does A "Median-Priced" Home
Look Like?

Real Estate Values | What Does Your Money Buy?
Real Estate Values: What Does Your Money Buy In Your Area? Here's a Queen Anne style cottage for sale in Minneapolis, Minn. for $149,900.

Real Estate Values Change from Area To Area ...
What Can You Get In Your Region?

Now here's an interesting question, and a great article, concerning real estate values in different markets across the U.S.: What does a "Median-Priced" home look like where you live? Or ... where you want or need to move? Things are different in Los Angeles than they are in Minneapolis. What are they like where you are?

Well, nationally, real estate values now show us that the "median home price" nationally, has risen to about $155,400. So ... what will $155K get you in Los Angeles? What can you buy with it in Seattle?

Here at the Costa Real Estate digest, we love these kinds of real estate values questions ... and we love a good report that clears these things up! Here's a report from Meg Handley of U.S. News and World Reports that's really interesting ... and fun!


What a "Median-Priced" Home Looks Like Across America

"With news that home prices are going up across the nation, house hunters might be getting a little more anxious when it comes to signing a contract to buy their dream home... Nationally, median home prices have increased almost 5 percent year-over-year to about $155,400... So what can kind of house can you buy for around $155,400?" ... Meg Handley

Do Real Estate Values Dictate Where You Buy ...
Or Do You Buy Where You Want Or Need To Be?

There's another interesting question: Do market conditions dictate where you buy? Or is that a question informed by a lot of other things that may have more influence? If you're an investor, for instance, the question of real estate values may carry more importance to you than to a couple of young parents trying to buy in a certain school district.

Whatever the case, that's another interesting real estate values question we'd like to discuss around here. If you have suggestions for topics you might like to see covered in these pages ... please leave your comments, or use the "Contact Me" page to get the information to us. We'd love to hear from you!

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