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Real Estate News: San Gabriel Valley Development & Mansionization

Real Estate News - "As cities across Southern California grapple with how to best preserve historic structures and refine outdated development standards, the debate over “mansionization” continues to take center stage."

San Gabriel Valley Development & Mansionization

Real Estate News | Mansionization | | Steve Gaghagen
A home in the 1600 block of Alta Oaks Drive is an example of some of the large homes built or being built in Arcadia Wednesday, May, 13, 2015. (Photo by Walt Mancini/Pasadena Star-News)

What's Happening In Your Neighborhood?

The debate over the latest trend in real estate development, namely "mansionization", continues to boil across the San Gabriel Valley. Year by year the character of neighborhoods is changing, in some places rapidly, and not everyone is elated. The debate, of course, revolves around two points of view. One is that a property owner should be able to do what they want with their property as long as they remain within codes. The other is more concerned with neighborhood preservation and maintaining the original  "character" of an area.

It's a tough call and not an easy one to make. There are many pushing for restrictions on living space relative to lot size in different areas. There are also those concerned that placing such restrictions will have a negative effect on property values in the restricted area. And, there are those who fear that the very word "mansionization" is actually a kind of coded racism. So, what is "mansionization", and how is it impacting our area? Today we'll be highlighting two articles, both by Courtney Thompkins of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. One concerns the very nature of mansionization ... what it is and how it can impact a neighborhood. The other is a report on current activities by the city council in Arcadia and the critical decision they may possibly be making as early as tomorrow night.

What Is Mansionization? Real Estate Trend Debated Across San Gabriel Valley | San Gabriel Valley Tribune

San Gabriel Valley Tribune
"They have been referred to as “starter castles,” a play on the term starter home, the type of development that sprouted many cities in the San Gabriel Valley.
"The desire to preserve neighborhoods’ classic look is one of the bigger concerns voiced by residents throughout the Southland, but some say the underlying concern is the changing demographics and differing cultural aesthetics."
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Arcadia To Decide On Economic Impact Study For Proposed Zoning Changes | San Gabriel Valley Tribune

San Gabriel Valley Tribune
ARCADIA >> Officials on Tuesday will decide whether the city should pursue an economic impact study before adopting new residential zoning regulations. The City Council had intended to review the proposed zoning code recommendations this week, but a Planning Commission vote in late February altered the course.
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