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Paying Off Your Home Loan Soon? CELEBRATE!

Paying Off Your Home Loan Soon? CELEBRATE!
Tips For Homeowners - "So just how should you commemorate this auspicious occasion? Look no further than these ideas below"

Tips For Homeowners:
Paying Off Your Home Loan Soon? CELEBRATE!

Paying Off Your Home Loan | Paying Off Your Mortgage | | Steve Gaghagen

7 Constructive And Fun Ways To Celebrate Paying Off Your Mortgage!

Although it might seem like forever, the time for paying off your home loan does evenutally come about for most folks. When that time comes it's a huge milestone ... and a little celebration is in order.

Many folks handle this in different ways. Some will celebrate over a nice, cozy dinner out. Others might have a gathering of friends over to make a toast. Still others will splurge with large parties and social gatherings.

Some people, though, get creative when it comes to passing this watermark. Here is a great article by Liz Alterman that just appeared in There are some really clever ... and constructive suggestions here.

7 Ways to Celebrate (Finally) Paying Off Your Mortgage |
“One of the best ways I heard was a family who decided to keep making their monthly mortgage payments, only to themselves instead of the mortgage company,” Dale Suggs, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Fuquay-Varina, NC. “You’d be surprised how quickly a monthly payment that stays at home grows into a large retirement sum when discipline is applied.”
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Make Paying Off Your Home Loan Work For You

Whatever you do, when you pay off your mortgage, do something that works for you. If it's an ongoing contribution to a charity or a family member ... then enjoy it. If it's simply some friends, some champagne and a bonfire ... then enjoy that. Whatever you decide to do, paying off your mortgage is a great accomplishment, and you should not let it go uncelebrated. Tips For Homeowners.

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