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Meet Steve Gaghagen, Our New Managing Editor

Meet Steve Gaghagen, Our New Managing Editor
Steve Gaghagen | Managing Editor & Market Analyst | BrionCosta.comMeet Our New Managing Editor & Market Analyst - " welcomes Steve Gaghagen to the website!"

Meet Our New
Managing Editor & Market Analyst

Steve Gaghagen |
Steve Gaghagen
Managing Editor & Market Analyst Welcomes Steve Gaghagen To The Website

To start the year off right, we are going to put into practice something I've been discussing with other folks for a while now. As of today, my good friend Steve Gaghagen will be taking over operations here at as Managing Editor and Market Analyst.

I've known Steve for over 40 years and, as I say, we have been discussing this move for some time. Steve has been active in the creation of this website, but now I've asked him to come in as our blog and website manager, and he's agreed.

I first met Steve in the 1970's through music. He was the vocalist in a great band I was in called "The Cyclones". If you were around the Arcadia / Pasadena or the Hollywood areas in 1975 to about 1979 you might have heard us at places like The Starwood or Gazzarris. At that time, Steve was concentrating on being an accomplished vocalist, actor, and director. He spent a couple of decades pursuing those endeavors, but eventually branched out.

In the late 1980's, Steve moved to Big Bear Lake, California, and became a Realtor. He also became an accomplished market analyst and futures trader, as well as branching out into Internet Marketing and blogging. In 2006, Steve left the active practice of real estate itself to focus on blogging, and teaching othrs to use a blog to build their reputations online. He now teaches Content Curation to bloggers at his "Curation-Works" program.

All of these things, along with the fact that I've known him forever and trust him like you trust an old, old friend, makes Steve the perfect person to take over daily operations here at Don't worry ... you'll still be hearing from me. It's just that I won't have to do everythinng around here anymore.

That's it! A new year and a new face to add to the roster! I'm very excited about welcoming my old friend on board, and I know you'll enjoy the fresh new energy around here.

Welcome to the website, Steve! Glad to have you here!

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