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FEATURED ARTICLE: Staging Your Home For The 2012 Real Estate Market

Staging For The 2012 Real Estate Market

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Home Staging Doesn't Need to Be Expensive

Home staging doesn't need to be a budget buster. If you look for the little things that pack a big punch ... like light fixtures and throw rugs ... you may be able to stage your home for sale with very little expenditure.

Here's an article we found by Montana Ruark in EzineArticles. He's got some great tips.

Staging for the 2012 Real Estate Market

by Montana Ruark

Presenting any home in a slow yet competitive market becomes a challenge for sellers and Realtors. Each property that is entered into the multiple listing service creates a decreasing chance for the already existing properties to be sold. Being able to remain at the top of the buyer's interest in your area depends on a couple of important factors; a strong selling team should include a seller that understands the marketing plan, and a Realtor that has the ability to make the best decisions for each individual approach. With the presentation being the key to having a successful marketing approach, staging the right way the first time will determine the speed of your success.

Buyers need a home that is move-in ready. The least amount of improvements with the highest quality of amenities is a guaranteed selling combination for a new buyer. So begin your staging with packing and improvements. This isn't a difficult task; pack everything that isn't needed to make it through the next few months. Packing allows buyers to see the amount of space in closets and other rooms as well. For improvements you will need some simple tools and new hardware, and your house will begin to look in great condition for you open house and photo shoot. Look for light switch plates, vents, and door knobs. Changings the little stuff early on can keep you from getting complacent towards the end of the improvement process.

Before you replace anything, paint every room with the right staging colors. Next turn your attention to light fixtures, and bulbs. Replacing every light fixture for an energy efficient fixture is a great incentive to use for marketing. Replacing all of the bulbs will give each room the same lighting consistency throughout your home. Replace any out dated fixtures in your home. Even if they are in the best condition most buyers want a newer look and feel in their home.

So far your home should have a fresh paint job, the basic amount of furniture remaining in the room and a bright new set of lamps to show off every space. Next is moving everything that is packed away to another location. Get it out of your home and research some different storage options.

Complete each room with a focal point and matching accessories. Draw in buyers with a fresh look or a life style. Do not think that you cannot use color in your space as long as the wall colors are neutral, you can then apply different looks to each room and have an outstanding showing that every buyer will remember. Finishing these tasks correctly will provide your home with the best results.

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Home Staging Is A Powerful Tactic ... But It Needn't Be Expensive

The point of staging your home is to get it sold. It's not to rebuild it. Do what will make the home look nice and attract a buyer. Don't go overboard updating everything.

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