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Zillow Moves In To Orange County

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Zillow Orange County Offices (Photo OC METRO)

One Sign That Southern California Real Estate Is Not Dead Is The Fact That Zillow Has Now Moved Here

Southern California real estate certainly has its problems. In recent years the area has seen some of the darkest days ever recorded. But not all signs are bad at this juncture, and some of us believe the market has hit bottom and will rise like a phoenix in the not too distant future.

Another indication that this may be the case is the recent opening of Zillow's Orange County offices. By opening a major office here, Zillow is definitely showing that they have a belief in the coming future of Southern California real estate.

Here's the story from Mackenna Waterhouse in "OC Metro":

Zillow expands to Southern California with Irvine office

"Seattle-based online real estate market Zillow expanded this week to its first Southern California office in Irvine … “This really is the center of the U.S. real estate market,” Rascoff said. “We looked across the country and thought we could attract some extraordinary [employees].” … OC Metro

Southern California Real Estate Can Use All The Good Indicators It Can Get At This Point

There are many reasons we here at the Costa Real Estate Digest believe we're looking at better days ahead for Southern California real estate. We believe that we've seen the bottom of the market, overall, and that this is a good time to buy as interest rates are low and they … along with prices … will probably be going upwards from here. The fact that a firm like Zillow wants to be located here is a good indication that we're not alone in our opinion.

Southern California real estate.

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