San Gabriel Valley News– VIDEO REPORT – The long-awaited Arcadia To Azusa extension of the Metro Foothill Gold Line opened to the public last Saturday, March 5th.

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Metro Foothill Extension Opens – VIDEO Report

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The new Monrovia Station of the Metro Gold Line opened to the public on March 5th as the Pasadena to Azusa extension of the line added 11 1/2 more miles to the system.

You Can Now Ride The Metro From Azusa To Downtown L.A. Will Commuters Hop Aboard?

Well, the festivities were reportedly a lot of fun over the weekend, but as the 11 1/2 mile extension of the Metro Foothill Gold Line opens, extending the reach of the system out from Pasadena to the new Azusa station, the big question still  remains: will commuters take advantage of the new trains?

Opinions on that question vary. They seem to range from “Heck yeah! No more parking problems!” to “They’ll pry my steering wheel out of my hand over my cold, dead body”! One thing is for certain, the new extension does open up the possibility of taking the train to a whole lot more people, and makes hopping from Azusa or Monrovia into the downtown and Hollywood areas a snap.

Today, we’ll cover the “goings on” through a couple of videos we’d like to share with you. The first is a report of the opening from NBC News. The second is a “point of view” video, where you can actually ride the new extension for yourself … sort of take a test run without ever leaving your screen. Enjoy!

Metro Foothill Gold Line Extends From Pasadena To Azusa | NBC News L.A.


This next video was shot by the Foothill Gold Line before the extension actually opened on March 5th. It was actually put together in 2014 just after the actual track was completed, so most of the stations were not yet done and a lot of work was still going on.

The complete trip from Arcadia to Azusa now takes about 17 minutes including stops. This video is a high-speed version that shows you the whole thing in about 6 minutes. Have fun!

Travel Along the Foothill Gold Line from Pasadena to Azusa in Just 6 Minutes! | Foothill Gold Line

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Metro Foothill Gold Line Extension Opens - VIDEO Report
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Metro Foothill Gold Line Extension Opens - VIDEO Report
The big San Gabriel Valley News from last weekend is the opening of the Metro Foothill Gold Line Extension from Pasadena to Azusa. Here's a video report.

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