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Fresno Among 5 Least Expensive Markets

Commercial Real Estate | Fresno Operation Costs Among Lowest

Fresno Commercial Real Estate
(Photo – The Business Journal)

Annual Report Aggregates Rental Income & Operating Expenses From 125 Commercial Real Estate Markets

A report on the expense of operating commercial real estate properties in 125 cities in the US comes from the Building Owners and Managers Association. It found that the California city of Fresno is within the top five least expensive commercial real estate markets … as far as actual operational costs are concerned.

Here is all the information in a report found in the Fresno Business Journal written by the Business Journal staff:

Report: Commercial real estate costs low in Fresno

"View Comments. Commercial real estate FresnoA report by the Washington, DC-based Building Owners and Managers Association, shows that Fresno is within the top five least-expensive commercial real estate markets in regard to total operating expenses."

Most Expensive commercial Real Estate Operation

The report also found that the most expensive cities in which to operate commercial real estate were New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, and Los Angeles. It found, as well, that operating expenses increased nationwide as a general rule, but that income from rents also increased. All in all, this indicates a balance in the commercial real estate market.

Commercial Real Estate.

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