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Real Estate News: Real Estate of Obama and Romney

Real Estate News:
Real Estate of Obama and Romney

Real Estate News | Obama and Romney Real Estate Holdings
Wolfeboro, NH Estate of Governor Romney

Real Estate News: Nothing "Significant" Here ... Just Some Fun Information Concerning The Real Estate Holdings Of Obama and Romney

OK ... it's election season and everyone is obsessed. We're not that obsessed around here ... but we did find this interesting little bit of information concerning the real estate holdings of the President and the presumptive  candidate. There's nothing significant here and we're not saying this information "means" anything. We just thought it was interesting to know what the real estate holding of the two candidates are.

So ... here they are. Read about it in this report in Fox News from Erika Riggs of Zillow:

Real Estate of Obama and Romney

ERIKA RIGGS (Zillow) - "... before they (Obama and Romney) considered the White House their possible residence, the two lived in a variety of places across the U.S. Here’s a roundup of the homes each candidate currently owns." ... FOX NEWS
Read more: ..."

Real Estate News: Real Estate Holdings of Obama and Romney

See? We told you there were no "earth shattering" revelations. But we do find it interesting information from a real estate standpoint. That's all for now ... nothing more to see here ... move along ... move along ...

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