Pasadena Home Sales Show No Winter Break In Activity

Pasadena Home Sales

Pasadena home sales, as well as those in the La Canada-Flintridge area continue briskly through the holidays with prices rising. Read about it here.

Both Pasadena Home Sales and La Canada-Flintridge Are Active Through The Holidays

In a time that is usually a seasonal "slow down" period, Pasadena home sales are not slowing down. Buyers and skipping the break period and continuing to participate in an active market in Pasadena, La Canada-Flintridge and surrounding areas.

Here's an article from Bill Kisliuk that has just appeared in the La Canada Valley Sun:

No winter break for area real estate

"In Pasadena, the average price of a home rose from $726,000 in November 2011 to $894,000 last month. In La Crescenta, the average sales price was $672,000 compared with $550,000 a year ago. …",0,7212767.story



Pasadena Home Sales – We Are Seeing A Seller's Market

It seems that, with inventory down and interest rates low, there is a lot of Buyer interest in the market. Pasadena home sales, as well as surrounding areas, show that Sellers are in the drivers seat right now. As long as a home is priced at or just below market, there will be a lot of interest.

Pasadena Home Sales.

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