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Commercial Real Estate: USA Is Still The Safest, Most Reliable Investment

Commercial Real Estate: USA Is Still The Safest, Most Reliable Investment

Commercial Real Estate:
USA Is Still The Safest, Most Reliable Investment

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Commercial Real Estate Investors Say They're More Confident With their Money In The USA

Here in the USA we tend to be preoccupied with our long struggle to right the economy, and those involved in commercial real estate are not immune. Eventually, we can develop blinders on our vision that can prevent us from seeing the Big Picture. The fact is, commercial real estate investors, who can choose to invest here, in Europe, the Middle East, or in Asia, still say their preference is in the USA for various reasons.

In this article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Steve Berman describes his experience at a recent conference of commercial real estate investors and professionals held in Israel.

Investors confident in US real estate, especially multifamily

Atlanta Business Chronicle - Steve Berman - "The investment profile of the United States is still viewed as the safest risk in the international market place and that the multifamily market, in particular, is viewed as the most favored asset class. ..."

Multi-Family Units Drive Investors Interest In Commercial Real Estate

It's no surprise that commercial real estate investors are looking at the recent performance of multi-unit residential housing and feeling their confidence grow in this type of investment. With the huge rash of foreclosures we've been experiencing over the last few years, this type of housing has become more and more in demand. People are looking for apartments nationwide, and new units are being constructed daily.

This sector of the commercial real estate market has always been one of the "market leaders", and is fulfilling that role again now. As the market "shakes out", the other sectors will eventually follow. Here's hoping that's sooner rather than later.

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