commercial real estate | Zonability | Steve Gaghagen | Brion CostaHere’s a new technology service coming down the pike that just might make life a whole lot easier for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents, as well as Commercial Developers. It’s called “Zonability” and it puts all sorts of information just a click of the mouse away that before might have been hidden until a property was in escrow, or worse, after it closed!

The service is only available in a few markets at the present time. However, there are plans to expand all over the country, and Southern California can’t be far behind. Take a look at the article. See if you don’t agree that Zonability is the kind of thing commercial agents and developers would welcome here in our market.


Commercial Real Estate - Will  Zonability Change The Game?
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Commercial Real Estate - Will Zonability Change The Game?
Zonability is a new data service being tested in limited markets that may change the game for commercial real estate and commercial agents and developers.

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