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Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate Services

Brion Costa | Century 21 Adams & Barnes

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Brion Costa:
Commercial Real Estate Services

Brion Costa | Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate Services:
What Is A CCIM?

This is most important: if you have needs in the area of commercial real estate services, you want to be sure you're dealing with a qualified, certified, "CCIM". WHAT IS A CCIM? A "Certified Commercial Investment Member" (CCIM) is someone who has gone through extensive training and completed the curriculum of the CCIM Institute. This intensive course of study makes sure the designee is well-versed in the CCIM skill sets, which are focused on commercial real estate services, and include ethics, interest-based negotiation, financial analysis of complex properties, market analysis of the commercial markets involved, user decision analysis, and investment analysis for commercial investment real estate. Brion Costa | Commercial Real Estate Services | CCIMA CCIM is part of a global community of members in North America and 30 other countries, and their members have closed over $200 BILLION in commercial sales! Keep this in mind: Out of all the agents and brokers in the world, only 15,000 have qualifed to be designated as CCIM's! Working with someone who holds this designation guarantees that you are working with someone who has the experience and the know-how to get the job done correctly ... and in a timely manner.

Commercial Real Estate Services:
What Can Brion Costa do For You?

For many years now, Brion Costa has been a name that is synonymous with commercial real estate services. Brion has undergone extensive training in the past, and takes part in continuing education now and in the future, to maintain his designation as a "Certified Commercial Investment Member ... a CCIM. His extensive training and experience have provided him the ability and expertise to underwrite and evaluate any type of commercial property prior to establishing value, listing, marketing and sale. Brion can easily provide an exhaustive narrative proposal and offering memorandum pertinent to any type of commercial property with which you may be concerned. Your particular needs in regard to commercial real estate services are particular to you. Brion has devised a marketing plan that utilizes every advertising medium available and can be tailored to the needs of the specific property involved ... and your own preferences as well. Unlike many Brokers, Brion's philosophy revolves around serving the client first and foremost. This means he does something a bit revolutionary in commercial real estate: he will expose a property to all potential buyers ... and not just controlled, “In-House”, buyers in order to "double end" commissions. Brion believes that his first duty is to get your property SOLD ... whether it's to an "in house" buyer or not!

Commercial Real Estate Services:
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Brion Costa
Brion Costa
Do you have need for a specialist in commercial real estate services? Then contact Brion Costa today. His professional capabilities in Financial Analysis, Market Analysis, Investment Analysis, and User Decision Analysis, all combine to create the finest possible choice for you. Contact Brion to discuss your commercial real estate services needs today! ====================================================

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Brion Costa, CCIM Senior Broker Associate Commercial Director Designated CCIM, CRB, CRS, GC, GRI, SRES First Class Real Estate & Development Services
... Since 1986
Century 21 Adams & Barnes 433 West Foothill Boulevard Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 695-7383 ===================================================== Commercial Real Estate Services

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