California Home Sales:
High-End Homes Selling Briskly

California Home Sales | High-End Homes Selling Briskly

(Photo: courtesy of Terri and Guy Munselle)

California Home Sales – High-End Homes One Of The More Active Contributors To Market

Even though inventory is down in the California Home Sales market, high-end homes … with prices falling between the $1 million to $2 million range … are selling at a quicker pace than most of the rest of the market.

Here's a report by Mike Perrault of The Desert Sun, as reprinted in USA Today: 

High-end homes selling briskly

"2012 – PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Though housing inventory is down across the country, high-end homes are seeing a resurgence in many markets. Part of the reason: Owners have decided to accept less than they originally wanted for their properties …"

Sellers Come To Grips With Reality Of The
California Home Sales Market

One of the most difficult things for a Seller to do is to actually come to grips with the reality of the California Home Sales market. It can be a strenuous exercise for the owner of a property to bridge that mental gap between what he believes his property is "worth", and what an informed buyer will pay. It seems, from this report, that high-end sellers are currently becoming more mentally "in line" with the actualities of the California Home Sales market.

California Home Sales.

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