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Commercial Real Estate On The Local Level Continues To Struggle

Commercial Real Estate On The Local Level Continues To Struggle

Commercial Real Estate On The
Local Level Continues To Struggle

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For every report of "good news" in the world of commercial real estate, we also find the negative ones. Really, prognosticators are still divided about where we actually are in the market cycle. In actuality, different sectors of the market appear to be giving us different signals. 

For instance, if we look at the profitability of major commercial real estate lenders as an indicator, as was the focus of another of our reports today, we will see positive indications. However, if we look at more locale specific reports of vacancy and rental rates in more local markets, we won't be seeing any silver linings.

This may be because the latter tend to follow the former in market action. Or, it could be because the commercial real estate market as a whole has yet to develop any clear trend at all.

Here's a report from Rich Laden of the Colorado Springs Gazette concerning the view of Turner Commercial Research of Colorado Springs:

Struggle continues for commercial real estate market

Rich Laden - "Source: Turner Commercial Research, Colorado Springs. The Pikes Peak region's commercial real estate market continues to struggle with high vacancies and soft rents, according to the latest report by Turner Commercial Research of Colorado Springs."

So ... are you a "glass 1/2 full" or a "glass 1/2 empty" type? Wherever you might classify yourself in that equation, you've got plenty of support for your position these days in the commercial real estate market.

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