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Southern California Real Estate: High End Listings Defined By Two Homes At Present

Southern California Real Estate:
High End Listings Defined By Two Homes At Present

Southern California Real Estate | Costa Real Estate Digest
This $65-million Neoclassical palazzo sits in north Laguna Beach … (Courtesy of Rod Daley )

WOW! You Can Always Look To Southern California Real Estate To Provide Some Of the Most
Amazing Properties Available

Southern California real estate truly does run the gamut these days. From veritable "steals" in the low end market to a couple of available properties at $65 million and $150 million ... there is everything available out there. And ... even the very high end is probably a very good deal right now.

What's that you said? $150 million for a home? Here's an article from the Los Angeles Times about two homes available right now that virtually ARE the "high-end" residential market.


Big listings land in Los Angeles and Orange counties

"At $150 million and $65 million, two houses — neither being marketed through multiple listing services — are quietly defining the top end of the for-sale market in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Priced at $150 million is the pocket-listed Owlwood ...",0,4955605.story

Southern California Real Estate At The "Posh" End

These two listings are not necessarily "typical" of southern California real estate, but they are definitely part of our market. Southern California is a really attractive area and though it's different than 20 years ago ... everyone still wants to live here. These high-end homes are fun to look at for most of us, but might actually be of interest to some of you reading this page today. If that's the case ... call us. We'd be glad to get you the information and we have a lot of experience working with high-end purchasers and transactions.

Southern California Real Estate

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