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San Gabriel Valley: Tourism & Investment From China Surging

San Gabriel Valley: Tourism & Investment From China Surging
Chinese Tourism - "With Los Angeles being a hub city, it makes sense to put money there," he said. "Chinese have business there, kids who go to school there, plus it's a great place for them to vacation." ...

San Gabriel Valley Tourism:
Tourism & Investment From China Surging

Chinese Tourism | San Gabriel Valley Tourism | Brion Costa

San Gabriel Valley Is A Prime Destination For Chinese Tourists 

We've written about this before, so we won't spend too much time on it, but the influx of Chinese tourists and investment money is still ongoing into Southern California in general ... and in particular the San Gabriel Valley. We'll treat this as an update.

Southern California tourism from China was recorded at 158,000 visitors in 2009. This last year it was over 570,000. Ten years ago China wasn't even among the top 10 tourist generating nations for the Southland. Now it is number one.

The San Gabriel Valley is a prime destination for tourists and investors from China. With it's large Asian population creating a vibrant business infrastructure of great restaurants and entertainment facilities, the San Gabriel Valley provides the kind kind of cross-section of American and Chinese influences that provides the comforts of home while still exploring a new culture.

Here's an up to date article by Tiffany Hsu in the Los Angeles Times that explains what's going on:

Chinese tourism and investment in Southern California surges - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Fri, 06 Jun 2014 5 AM
A few years ago, China wasn't among the 10 largest sources of overseas travelers into the Southland; now it's the top generator. Nearly half of all Chinese journeying to the U.S. stop in California; nearly three-quarters of those come to Los Angeles. ...
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Southland Trade With China Booms As Well

Investors from China are purchasing homes here in the San Gabriel valley. We've spoken of that before in these pages. They are also purchasing businesses. The overall effect of this influx of Chinese money and tourism is overwhelmingly positive to the economy ofthe Southland. One thing that hasn't been talked about much as yet is the fact that exports to China from the Southland area have increased greatly as a result of this new economic and cultural activity. Southland exports to China have risen 54% in just the last four years as businesses in the Southland serve a growing Chinese middle class.

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