San Gabriel Valley: Pioneers and Outlaws of the San Gabriels

San Gabriel Valley:
Pioneers & Outlaws of the San Gabriels

San Gabriel ValleyOwens, Brown, Rankin, Vasquez, Vincent … Names That Shaped Area’s History

The San Gabriel Valley is rich in history and lore. From “mountain men” to “bandits” to “water barrons” … all have had their say in the development and history of the San Gabriel Valley.

In conjunctiion with our new residential focus here at the Costa Real Estate Digest … refocusing in on San Gabriel Valley Homes as far as residential real estate is concerned … we’re also going to widen our scope of information on that area as well. We’ll be posting items of interest to the area, from local happenings to bits of history. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

Today’s bit of history comes from KCET, the PBS station for Southern California. Here’s a great article that talks about some of the “movers and shakers” that helped form the San Gabriel Valley area … some for good and some for bad. It’s a colorful history, and this is a good read with some great photos both old and new.


Mountain Men: Pioneers and Outlaws of the San Gabriels – KCET Tue, 12 Nov 2013 01:16:39 GMT

KCETMountain Men: Pioneers and Outlaws of the San GabrielsKCETIn time, Owens earned enough money from doing odd jobs in the San Gabriel Valley to buy his family’s freedom and bring them via an ox-drawn wagon from Texas to their new home. Even in the …

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