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San Gabriel Valley Entertainment: “Old Town” Pasadena

San Gabriel Valley Entertainment: “Old Town” Pasadena
San Gabriel Valley Entertainment - "Old Pasadena, a prewar civic hub and architectural marvel, had by the early 1980s long since gone from a leafy center of commerce to a garden of earthly blight, its bleak, crumbling buildings oozing decay, its businesses shifted to the Lake District, its families down to the Arroyo, if they could afford it, or off to other San Gabriel Valley cities....

San Gabriel Valley Entertainment:
Old Town Pasadena

San Gabriel Valley Entertainment | Brion CostaA San Gabriel Valley Jewel ... As Seen From Outside

The San Gabriel Valley is jam-packed with entertainment possibilities and both residents and visitors are afforded a long list of things to do and things to see.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in this wonderful Southern California area can become a bit "jaded" in our view. We live here, after all, and we become used to what's around us. That makes it very interesting when we hear opinions from others concerning what they find here.

Today we're sharing an interesting article from the Travel section of the Sacramento Bee. It was written by Sam McMannis and presents an interesting oursiders view of the "Old Town" Pasadena area and the many attractions to be found there.

The New "Old Pasadena" May Just Bowl You Over - The Sacramento Bee Apr 27
Perhaps it’s not so surprising, after all, that Old Pasadena was saved. It’s difficult to think of another Southern California city more steeped in history than Pasadena, whether it’s the Rose Bowl and concomitant Tournament of Roses Parade, or the gorgeous rows of 100-year-old bungalows that represented the height of the Craftsman style of home design, or the stately, no-longer-crumbling 100-year-old Colorado Street bridge, or the paintings by the Old Masters at the Norton Simon Museum, or venerable Vromans bookstore (started in 1894), Southern California’s oldest and largest independent bookstore ...
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A Sense of History - A Rarity In Southern California

The thing that's actually unusual in "Old Town" Pasadena is that it has a "sense of history" at all. One of the often heard criticisms of Southern California is that such a thing doesn't exist in the area at all. That's certainly not true of the "Old Town" area in Pasadena. Anyone who wants to experience the feeling of what it was like to be in Southern California in bygone eras will find no better place than Pasadena to experience just that. From the Gamble House, to the Norton Simon Museum, to Castle Green, you'll find history at every turn.

Enjoy your visit!

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