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San Gabriel Valley Drought News: Smart Cities Are Planning Ahead

San Gabriel Valley Drought News: Smart Cities Are Planning Ahead
San Gabriel Valley Drought News - "A $2 million purchase of imported water to offset the city’s water demands for the remainder of the 2014-15 fiscal year was unanimously approved by city officials Tuesday." ...

San Gabriel Valley Drought News:
Smart Cities Are Planning Ahead

San Gabriel Valley Drought News | Brion Costa

Arcadia Is Leading The Way In What May Be A New Trend

In light of recent news concerning the severity of our ongoing California drought, and responding to urging by the Governor, cities across the southland are making plans and taking steps to conserve water usage and to handle other water supply problems, like implementing plans on how to provide adequate supplies needed by residents if conditions grow even worse. We are now moving into our 4th summer of drought in California, and things are truly getting dicey. Here in the San Gabriel valley we are no exception. The City of Arcadia just approved the expenditure of $2 million to purchase imported water now to offset what they expect to be the amount over their allottment that they will need to pump to supply their resident's usage. Buying and importing the water now means it can be purchased for less money than it would cost down the line... when the overpumping is needed. By making the purchase now the city is saving about $300,000. Here's an article from Courtney Thompkins of the Pasadena Star-News that explains it all: 

Arcadia Spends $2 Million To Bank Extra Water Supply | Pasadena Star-News

Pasadena Star-News      04/08/15, 6:19 AM PDT
"Overpumping is allowed, but in order to do so, an agency must purchase replacement water to replenish the groundwater basin. Arcadia officials anticipate the city will need to pump nearly twice as much water as it has been allocated. However, instead of paying for replacement water at $100 more per acre-foot, the city chose to pre-purchase the imported water, saving the city $300,000." ...
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Drought News Inspiring Action To Insure Water Supply

Since Governor Brown made his announcement the other day concerning the seriouslness of the California drought news, local municipalities are beginning to take action. Some cities, like Arcadia, are taking what might be called "unusual" steps in their planning. It's times like this, however, that innovations begin to take shape, and creative thinking can really pay off. The San Gabriel Valley area has always been a coastal desert, and we've always weathered the storms that this type of situation can bring. We are going through a trying situation right now, but with good creative thinking, planning, and working together... this too shall  pass. San Gabriel Valley Drought News.

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