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San Fernando Valley Home Sales Prices Rise In April

San Fernando Valley Home Sales:
Prices, Activity Rise From
Last Year's Numbers

San Fernando Valley Home Sales | Costa Real Estate Digest

Good Numbers Support
San Fernando Valley Home Sales Market

In April of this year the San Fernando Valley home sales market posted good numbers as both sales activity and prices increased over last year at this time. The average price in the area has been over $400K every month this year as prices were buoyed by reignited interest in the market combined with low inventory.

Here's an article from Gregory J. Wilcox in the Los Angeles Daily News with all the numbers:

San Fernando Valley home sales, prices rise in April

"Last month the median price of a previously owned house increased 15.3 percent to $460,000 from $399,000 a year earlier, said the Van Nuys-based Southland Regional Association of Realtors. The median also rose $30,000 from $430,000 in March."

Numbers Indicate A Good Summer Buying Season For
San Fernando Valley Home Sales Market

We are now entering the traditional "Selling Season" for the San Fernando home sales market, and for California home sales as a whole. Buyers know that the inventory is now at the highest it will probably be for the year, so now is the time they'll have the most choice. Traditiionally, people prefer to move in the summer when most schools are out. The year-round school areas have dampened this effect somewhat, but not greatly as most all schools do have some period of time off in the summer.

Put this all together and we can expect some good numbers in San Fernando Valley home sales as well as other regional areas during the next coming months.

San Fernando Valley Home Sales.

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