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Realtors: Don’t Get Caught In The Technology Trap

Realtors: Don’t Get Caught In The Technology Trap
commercial real estate | San Gabriel Valley | Steve Gaghagen | Brion CostaIf you're a Realtor you know that every 3 months there's a new technological "gadget" that's supposed to help you do more business in less time, and as a sidelight it will also really, really impress your clients with how "tech savvy" you are. Well, guess what Most of that is utter crap at this point. The Realtor who tries to keep up with all the latest trends, gadgets, and services, can end up completely overwhelmed with personal technology and device overload, and worst of all, they can wind up distancing themselves from their clients and actually alienating them! Not too long ago, Realtors who were "tech savvy" found it pretty easy to dazzle their clients with impressive CMA's, listings available right on their Palm Pilot (remember those?), and a whole host of other stuff that could easily cause a client's jaw to drop in admiration. Well ... guess what? Those days are gone. There is almost nothing you can do technologically to impress a client anymore. That's because they are ALL .. every one of them ... at least as up on tech developments as your are, if not more so. In an article from Inman titled "Why Experience Means More Than Technology", the author states:
Clients aren’t blind to what’s happening. They get it. When you whip out your fancy CMA with its color-coded charts and graphs, the seller knows how much of that slick report is based on your personal expertise and how much is produced by software programming.
Good Realtors are realizing that the "old ways" still provide the best value ... and the most return clients. Their customer service is what warrants their commission, and that technology cannot replace this
“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ... Maya Angelou
To make your 2016 brighter, concentrate on Personal Relationships and Customer Service ... not the resolution on the screen of your iPad.

source: Click for the full Inman Article.

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