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Real Estate Values – Is Housing in Bubble Trouble?

Real Estate Values:
Is Housing In Bubble Trouble?

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Some Analysts Believe The Recent And Swift Rise In Real Estate Values May Foreshadow Another Market "Bubble"

As anyone who reads these pages is aware, real estate values have been climbing quickly nationwide. After the "big dump" of a few years ago, the market bottomed, played around at those bottom levels for a while, and then began to climb as the economy started to improve and consumer confidence began to grow. With so many REO properties on the market at low prices, the Investor market became a driving force in the recovery of real estate values.

Some analysts now believe that we are seeing signs of another "bubble" in the market. This would not be good news for the future. While most are seeing a market in need of a "correction", the "bubble-seers" are more pessimistic. The correction they see coming is much more extreme, with real estate values again plummeting sharply. Are they correct?

Here's an article by Pat Mertz Esswein from "Kiplinger's Personal Finance". In it, Pat interviews Mark Vitner, Managing Director and Senior Economist at Wells Fargo:

Is Housing in Bubble Trouble?

"Follow @PatEsswein. Andy McMillan/Redux. Wells Fargo's Mark Vitner. Mark Vitner is a managing director and senior economist for Wells Fargo. He tracks trends in inflation and the U.S. housing markets, commercial real estate and regional economies.Kiplinger Personal Finance"

Real Estate Values Put Sellers In The Driver's Seat

With Investors pushing the market upwards, and the current lack of inventory, the future is unclear. It's difficult to tell right now who is correct as far as the future of real estate values ... those who see a coming "correction", or those who fear we are headed for "bubble trouble". One thing is clear, however, and that is that currently it is a good time to sell. Whatever way you look at it, real estate values are up, homes are selling, inventory is not growing, and we're just moving in to what is traditionally called the "Selling Season".

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