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Real Estate News: Featured Posts – 4-11-13

Real Estate News:
Ruby Brings You Today's Posts

Real Estate News:
Here Are Ruby's Featured Posts For Today (4/11/13)

Hi there. Ruby here with today's Featured Posts at the Costa Real Estate Digest. I'm Brion Costa's cyber assistant, and I'm here to guide you through the site so you can find the best information about real estate in one simple location. Whether you're a prospective buyer or seller, an investor in commercial or residential properties, or just someone who likes to keep up on the Southern California Real Estate market, you'll find all the information you need right here at Real Estate News - Brion CostaToday I have two great posts to bring to your attention. The first is titled: "Real Estate Values: Low Mortgage Rates Making US Homes More Affordable". It has some great information about the forces at play in the residential property market right now. This post will fill you in on the current balancing act going on between home values, mortgage rates, and the income level of the prospective buying public. Buyer's income levels are static right now. Home prices are rising. It's only the low interest rates we're experiencing that are keeping homes affordable. Many analysts believe that we're looking at a slow-down or even a pull-back in home prices if interest rates begin to rise. In this post you'll find a report from PropertyWire that explains the whole thing: >>> Real Estate Values: Low Mortgage Rates Making US Homes More Affordable Real Estate News - Brion CostaThe second article I want to point out today is called: "Southern California Commercial Real Estate: Vacancies Shrink In East Valley". This article highlights a report from the Press-Enterprise about Southern California commercial real estate vacancy numbers. They're improving! Most specifically, the vacancy rates for industrial properties are falling. This is partly due to a lack of new units being built, but also due to the economy which is generally improving. You can read about that by clicking this link: >>> Southern California Commercial Real Estate: Vacancies Shrink In East Valley That's it for now. Please, follow the links and read today's articles. Leave us your comments and questions if you like ... We love to get a conversation going. Subscribe to our RSS feed, and receive our posts as they happen! And remember, for the best information regarding the Southern California real estate market, join Brion Costa and myself here at regularly. You'll be glad you did! Bye now!


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Real Estate News

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