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Real Estate News – 12 Hot Stories Of 2012

Real Estate News:
12 Hot Stories Of 2012

Real Estate News - Top Stories Of 2012
Developers broke ground in Irvine on the first 726 Great Park Neighborhood homes in February. Ultimately, FivePoint Communities, which is managing homebuilding on behalf of Lennar Corp. and its partners, plans to construct up to 10,700 new homes around the Great Park – enough for a new town of 30,000 people.
(H. Lorren Au, Jr. - Orange County register)

12 Of The Most Significant Real Estate News Stories
Of 2012

In another story from the Orange County Register today, we turn the focus to real estate news from Orange County, and one that's nationwide. What were the major developments in the world of Orange County real estate in 2012? What was teh major development nationally? There was lots of real estate news ... some good and some bad ... but what were the major developments over all?

Here's a great article by Marilyn Kalfus in the Orange County Register:

12 hot real estate stories in 2012

"The housing market hit bottom this year in Orange County and elsewhere. Home sales in the county hit their highest level for a November in seven years, leaping 25.3 percent over last year's sales pace. Home prices hit a five-year high ..."

Is The Real Estate News Good Or Bad This Year?

As always, there was good real estate news and bad. With construction of homes beginning to get underway, commercial real estate in much better shape, inventories at a manageable level (though low presently), anyone would have to admit we're in better shape than last year and certainly better than 3 years ago.

Let's hope the good news continues into 2013! Are these the same as YOUR picks? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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