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Orange County Home Sales – New Home Sales Up 74% In 2012

Orange County Home Sales:
New Home Sales Up In 2012

Orange County Home Sales | New Home Sales Up 74%
The Irvine Co. states it has sold more than 1,200 new homes this year - in Irvine alone. Some of the homes cost as much as $1 million in the Village of Laguna Altura. The company started building there in 2010.

Orange County Home Sales Figures Show New Home Sales Surged In 2012

Orange County home sales numbers were much improved in 2012, and new home sales were among the positive numbers posted. In fact, new home sales in Orange County were up by 74% over 2011. The numbers even indicate that buyers would have purchased more new homes ... if they were available. It seems that builders aren't building them fast enough to meet the demand!

Here's an interesting article from Jeff Collins in the Orange County Register:

New home sales surged in 2012

"New homes are selling again in Orange County. The problem is, developers aren't building them fast enough to meet demand." ... Orange county Register

Orange County Home Sales Expected To Show Continued Growth

Record low interest rates, a recovering economy, and renewed buyer and investor confidence has spurred the entire Orange County home sales market. New home sales are showing good strength and the numbers should motivate some shy builders to wade deeper into the waters as the new year goes on.

Orange County Home Sales.

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