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Orange County Home Sales: Big Gains All Across O.C.

Orange County Home Sales:
Big Gains In All OC Regions

Orange County Home Sales | Costa Real Estate Digest
Orange County Home Sales Are showing Good Numbers Along With The Rest of The State ... And The Nation As A Whole.

Orange County Home Sales Up Over 18% Compared To Last Year At This Time

Orange County home sales are up in all areas of the OC as reported by Dataquick. Beach cities, South and North Inland, and Mid-County all show increased sales activity as well as rising prices.

In any real estate market, seeing the combination of increased activity and rising prices, is definitely a good sign. It indicates a market where Buyers are confident in paying more. That shows an increasing confidence in the market itself, and in the economy in general. Orange County home sales are showing this kind of confidence growing in those interested in buying in the area.

Read about it in this report from Jonathan Lansner in the Orange County Register: 

Big home-sale gains found all across O.C.

"That's a key highlight of our study of how recent housing trends hit various corners of Orange County. For the 22 business days ending August 8 -- freshest numbers from DataQuick -- our region-by-region analysis of local real estate sales patterns saw ..."

Median Selling Price Of Orange County Home Sales Up As Well

As activity rises, so is the median selling price in the Orange County home sales market. Most analysts attribute this to the fact that there are far fewer properties available today than a year ago. There are far fewer low end REO properties out there ... investors have bought them up, spruced them up, and put them on the rental market. We are actually seeing less investor activity and more purchases for primary residence use. These are more "upper-end" type propertiesw, and so the median Orange County home sales price rises.

Orange County Home Sales.

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