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Nashville Commercial Real Estate Sales Up 218 Percent

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Nashville Commercial Sales Up
In 2nd Quarter

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Nashville Commercial Real Estate Sales Up 218 %

There are still pockets of bad news in the world of commercial real estate, but more and more good news is appearing everywhere you look. In our effort to keep an eye on what's happening nation-wide and, indeed, world-wide, we've posted this report about commercial real estate sales in the Nashville area.

This report is based on a new report just out that shows Nashville commercial real estate really jumping up in activity. Activity is always a good indicator of market confidence, and this is no different.

Read about it here in the Nashville Business Journal:

Nashville commercial real estate sales up 218 percent

Nevin Batiwalla - Staff Reporter- Nashville Business Journal - "There were 102 transactions totaling $179 million in Davidson County for the quarter. Both are the highest totals Nashville has seen in the second quarter since 2006."


Commercial Real Estate Is Down From The "Boom"
... But Moving Up From The "Bottom"

One of the most important things to look for when analyzing the commercial real estate market is momentum. The fact is the market is moving forwards and upwards now. It is no longer languishing at the bottom, but is showing signs of upwards momentum. That's a good sign, and commercial real estate investors are aware of it.

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