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Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Benefitting From Gold Line Opening

Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate:
$63 Million Shopping And Multi-Unit Combo Breaks Ground

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The apartment and retail complex at 9901 Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles, across the street from Culver City, will be known as NMS@Culver City. The apartments are scheduled to open in spring 2014. Above, a rendering of the completed project. (Killefer Flammang Architects / October 19, 2011)

Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Development Is Benefitting From The Opening of
The Gold Line Rail Stations

More good news for Los Angeles commercial real estate development as NMS Properties has begun construction on a 6-story development that will house 131 residential units over stores and shops near the recently opened Gold Line. Hundreds of millions of dollars of development are in the pipeline along the Gold Line corridor.

Read about it in this article in the L.A. Times from Roger Vincent:

Apartment, retail complex underway near Culver City

Roger Vincent - "Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate development linked to Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Expo Line are in the pipeline in Culver City. NMS and other developers are also targeting future station sites ..." Los Angeles Times",0,517470.story

Washington Blvd Corridor Is Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Hot Spot

Developers of Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate are bullish on the Washing Blvd. corridor in the Culver City area. The area has been developing its own "nightlife personality" very quickly, and the recent opening of the Metro Gold Line stations along the corridor provides easy transportation to and from downtown and areas further to the west.

Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate.

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