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Commercial Real Estate: Culver City Is Not The Same Quiet Place It Used to Be

Commercial Real Estate:
Culver City Is Not The Same
Quiet Place It Used to Be

Commercial Real Estate | Costa Real Estate Digest | Culver City
Street scene on Culver Blvd. in front of UGO Italian Bar, in Historic Culver City, July 19, 2012. Culver City, a long-time working-class annex to Los Angeles, is emerging as an urban center with its own personality and rising rents paid by upscale restaurants and merchants.
(PHOTO: Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times)

Commercial Real Estate In The Area Is Doing Well And Rail Connections Bode Well For The Future

There was a time not so long ago when Culver City was a rather boring little community where the commercial real estate was old fashioned and outdated. That's not the case anymore. This bedroom community has morphed into an urban center with its own personality.

In the 1960's when the Santa Monica Freeway became the mode of travel in the area, Culver City became rather isolated. Commercial real estate in the area suffered as the city was bypassed by commuters. With the recent opening of light rail connections in the area, the future bodes well for this newly energized enclave.

Here's an interesting article from Roger Vincent of the LA Times.

Culver City evolves from sleepy community to urban center

Roger Vincent - "The commercial real estate market changed direction around 2000 with the creation of daring, sometimes outlandish office buildings designed by Eric Owen Moss in the formerly industrial Hayden Tract, on the eastern edge of town." ...Los Angeles Times,0,4385123.story


The Next Few Years Will Tell The Tale Regarding
Commercial Real Estate In The Area

 As the Expo Line is completed all the way to Santa Monica, Culver City has a uniques situation on its hands. If commercial real estate development proceeds well, the area could attract folks from both the east and west. If the opportunity is allowed to pass, Culver City could simply become "another parking lot along the line". 

Let's hope those involved in development in the area do this the "smart" way and commercial real estate develops in a way that encourages the unique character Culver City is already showing.

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