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California Real Estate – Industrial Real Estate Recovering

California Real Estate – Industrial Real Estate Recovering

California Real Estate: Industrial Market Recovering

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California Real Estate Industrial Market Currently Has 15,000,000 Square Feet Under Development

One section of the California real estate market that we can definitely say is "recovering" is the industrial real estate sector. It has been under recovery for almost 18 months now. As the headline says, the California real estate Industrial Market now has about 15 million square feet under development. Nine million of those are in the Inland Empire.

Here's a report from Hortense Leon in the World Property channel:

Southern California Industrial Real Estate Recovering, Although Small Players ...

"The Southern California industrial real estate market has been recovering for the last 18 months and a number of major developments have been built in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire ..."

Industrial Development Is Good Sign for California Real Estate Market ... But Not Everything Is Rosy

Although we are seeing a good number of California Real Estate transactions with large companies looking for square footage over 500,000 square feet, not everything is rosy. Corporations and large companies are doing well. However, smaller companies ... the regional fellows ... are not joining in the market as much. We'll have to wait and see, as with the rest of the California real estate market, how long it will take for the good news to spread to all sectors.

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