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California Home Sales: Activity And Prices Both Up

California Home Sales:
Sales Rise As Do Prices

California Home Sales | Costa Real Estate Digest
California home sales and prices are up over the last year.

California Home Sales Are Up Over The Year While Prices Rise As Well

Here's a report from the LA Times that details the rise in California Home Sales numbers over the last year. The number of sales has increased 15% and prices are up 19%.

The report goes into much greater detail. It's by E. Scott Reckard.

California home sales up 15% year over year; prices rise 19%

"The California housing recovery boomed forward in November, with home prices reaching levels high enough to trigger questions about whether speculators are overdoing a spending spree....Los Angeles Times",0,5057854.story

Is Speculation Driving The California Home Sales Market?

At this point, it seems to be the "common wisdom" that speculators and investors have driven market prices up above where they'd normally be in certain markets. But then again ... who knows more about the California home sales markets themselves than investors?

California Home Sales.

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