Places we’d all like to work or live in

Architecture – The Amazing Falllingwater

This morning's Architecture post is probably the most famous private residence in the world. Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece is located in the Bear Run Nature Reserve in Pennsylvania, and is a "must see" for anyone interested in architecture. This amazing...

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Architecture – The Borgund Stave Church, Norway

Here's a great one from our Architecture files. This is the Borgund stave church in Norway. It was built sometime between 1180 and 1250 AD, and is called a "stave" church because of the style of construction. You can read...

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Architecture – Seaside Cabins in Norway.

Here's another cool thing from the "Places We'd Like To Work Or Live" file. This time, it's some unique vacation cabins in Norway! These are cool! source: Click for more

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Architecture Porn – Sky Gardens at the Park Royal in Singapore

Today we start a new feature that will appear occasionally. I like to call it "Architecture Porn". It will simply be photos and information about incredible places we'd all like to live or work. Today we start with a very...

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